Summary of protocol for prevention of FCoV infection in kittens

Prepare kitten room ~
1. remove all cats and kittens 1 week before putting queen in
2. disinfect room as far as possible using 1:32 dilution of sodium hypochlorite (Domestos or Milton)
3. dedicate litter trays, food and water bowls to this room and disinfect with sodium hypochlorite
4. introduce queen 1-2 weeks before she is due to give birth

Practice barrier nursing ~
1. deal with the kitten room before tending other cats barrier
2. clean hands with disinfectant before going into kitten room nursing 
3.  have shoes and coveralls dedicated to the kitten room
Early weaning and isolation ~
1. test queen for FCoV antibodies either before or after kittening and isolation 
2. if queen’s antibody titre is greater than zero, the kittens should be removed to another clean room when they are 5-6 weeks old of kittens
3. if the queen has an antibody titre of zero, she can remain with the kittens until they are older
Test kittens ~
1. test kittens for FCoV antibodies at over 10 weeks of age



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